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Monday, November 9, 2015

ClaimStat Computes the Real Personal Injury Numbers . . . and They're Huge

As being one of the largest employers and landowners of in the region, the City of New York is also responsible for keeping its employees working safely and its property in proper condition. Like any landowner or employer, the failure to do so can be negligence, and if that negligence causes someone to be injured, then the City of New York, like anyone else, can expect legal liability. In fact, the City has set aside $710 million to pay settlement and judgments from lawsuit, "ranging from falling tree limbs and unfilled potholes, to medical malpractice and civil rights violations."

Comptroller Scott Stringer has initiated a new program called "ClaimStat: a data-driven approach to claims management." What this does, in short, is tell us where the negligence is being caught and where trial lawyers are doing their best to help people who have been injured by the City of New York.

Nearly 2,600 cases of trip-and-falls on city sidewalks were filed against the City, and because of the law, most of those were in front of residential buildings - there are thousands of trip and falls due to defective sidewalks that would be against the building owner, not the City, and would not be reported under this number.

The vast majority of the more than 5,000 claims against the New York Police Department were in the Bronx, with the 44th and 46th precincts making the vast majority.

More than 500 medical malpractice claims were filed against the hospitals of New York City, with Bellevue Hospital and Coney Island Hospitals being the hospitals with the most medical malpractice claims, with an annual cost to the City of more than $100 million. 80 claims of medical malpractice were filed against Bellevue., although medical malpractice claims against Kings County Hospital, by far, had to pay the most, with more than $25 million in judgments against them.

Department of Sanitation trucks have "soared" from under 2000 in 2012 to nearly 3000 in 2015. Most of the property damage claims were on Staten Island, Eastern Queens, and Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

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